METAL GALA – How metals have influenced the fashionistas over the years?

When we talk about metals, we immediately involve ourselves for recyclable solutions because metals are the core of every manufacturing society. Products made from metals are incorporated in a wide variety of products which we use in our daily lives like most popular aluminum for food packaging, copper used in electrical appliances, stainless steel inContinue reading “METAL GALA – How metals have influenced the fashionistas over the years?”


If you ask yourself the question ‘how can we minimize the amount of waste we produce everyday’? What will be the first action towards helping our earth to stay away from harmful chemicals?Majority of things people consume in developed countries are not environmentally sustainable. For example napkins, towels and diapers. Actually, every day we areContinue reading ““RECYCLE ME by PRECYCLE” – BUY METALS”

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