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URBAN MINERS since 1973

Urban miner in UAE - Lucky Group

For a company to be successful they have to seek continuous improvement and be agile in their structure in order to adapt to ever changing global economic conditions. But there are many companies who assume that there is a shortcut to success. This shortcut to success will only give success for a short period of time. However, to earn a lifelong reputation and achievements, one has to work hard and follow the rules of success. One such example is Lucky Group.

Lucky Group, one of the leading, reputed and largest scrap metal recyclers in the Middle East. It has its clientele in over 40 countries. As one the oldest operations of its kind in the region, with operating standards and state-of-the-art technologies that set the benchmark for the regional industry, the Group has maintained its core as a family business that spans over four generations which started with scrap metal trade since 1973.

Over the years, it has branched out into varied metal recycling interests and eventually into the resultant corporate it is today. The utilization of advanced technology has also added to it being one of the most sought-after companies among the Middle Eastern countries.

Lucky Group firmly believes and also wants every citizen to understand that recycling is the key to saving scarce resources. Reusing and recycling metals not only saves up resources for future generations, but also reduces the consumption of energy and decreases pollution. Recycling also serves as an economic source of material. Recycling and reusing materials are two of the best solutions that any person has the power to achieve.

Thus, together with other environmentally concerned corporations, Group contributes to several other environmentally conscious industries world-wide as Metal Recycling Companies in Dubai. Their mission is to cater to the specific scrap metal requirements of their customers and simultaneously expand their supplies by creating strategic alliances with key suppliers. Lucky Group’s scrap metal recycling interests are handled by their flagship company Lucky Recycling located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai-U.A.E.

Maintaining excellent client relationships helps the Group to build new bridges and expand into the emerging economies in the Indian subcontinent and Far East. Furthermore, the Group has risen to the occasion spectacularly, focusing on customer-centric continuous improvement strategy that recognises these changing global trends enable each of our facilities to provide the highest criteria of client-specified quality product.

The Group eminently values its reputation of honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour and high moral standards. They strictly follow all the country and territory laws which are relevant to all over business activities. Definitely different nations have different set of social and political rules; the Group, however does not fail to abide by all the rules and regulations belonging to different countries. The company focuses on an accident-free work environment, investment in human resource and relationship manager. Their vital corporate principles include an active community service cell, reduced pollution practices and transparent work ethics.

Since the organization is managed by highly talented and dedicated professionals the Lucky Recycling now acknowledged as the top choice in scrap metals for suppliers and customers globally. Log on to: to know more.

Disclaimer: This article(s) has been prepared solely for information purpose, using publicly-accessible sources that are believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of publishing. LUCKY GROUP accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage resulting from the use of information, images or opinions expressed in the report. LUCKY GROUP does not give warranty of any kind regarding the completeness, accuracy and reliability of the information included in the article(s).


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From metal recycling to aluminium alloy manufacturing, the Lucky Group has been adding value to numerous metal recycling industries all over the world. We are a global company that cares... for your present and future.

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