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METAL GALA – How metals have influenced the fashionistas over the years?

When we talk about metals, we immediately involve ourselves for recyclable solutions because metals are the core of every manufacturing society. Products made from metals are incorporated in a wide variety of products which we use in our daily lives like most popular aluminum for food packaging, copper used in electrical appliances, stainless steel in kitchen equipment, brass mostly used in decorations and sanitary ware and iron used in building materials and automobile parts.

But the usage of metals doesn’t stop here. Today the metals industry employs a wide and diverse group of people from engineers to technicians, metallic experts to designers who discovered new ways of using metals and emphasize the modern society to live with new fashion-trends.

METALS have not only influenced the industrial sector but playing a significant role in developing a fashion industry in giving the world a classic look.”

Photo reference: Copyright free image from pixabay

For many years metals were used in interior designing but today metal’s versatility is becoming more popular in fashion world. Designers formed their talent by using recyclable metals to enhance the aesthetics look for their models and bring the glamour among the general public.

There are lot of fashion jewelries and costumes available in the market at different range of prices because designer uses different base metals like copper, aluminum, nickel or combination with other alloy metals like brass or stainless steel or coated metals to showcase their talent.

The emerging generation of fashion lovers and their designers who grew up with the knowledge of the metal and it is used in costume jewelries and wearable textiles for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Paco Rabanne a well-known fashion designer who discovered his own fashion ethics by using metals for his couture designs and his work featured in films as well. Rimzim Dadu’s, Delhi based fashion designer inspired by metal and her unique designs will make your brain buzz with inspiration. Naim Josefi had showcased his bespoke steel dress on the catwalks of Stockholm’s fashion week.

These days, how to be unique in fashion world is the most brainstorming effort to produce their own style to get plenty of attention from the audiences BUT what makes fashion sense more interesting is the use of creative and beautiful ideas in wearable material. These wearable accessories or clothing with use of different metals may bother people with metal allergies depends on their skin sensitivity. To know more about different grade of metals, please visit

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