If you ask yourself the question ‘how can we minimize the amount of waste we produce everyday’? What will be the first action towards helping our earth to stay away from harmful chemicals?
Majority of things people consume in developed countries are not environmentally sustainable. For example napkins, towels and diapers. Actually, every day we are bombarded with ads in magazines, in newspapers, on TV channels or other media platforms on how to make our lives easier. The illusion that an advertisement creates is that if we buy that product it will make us happy and content in life. It is not a coincidence that consumer society is polluted but they are uncaring as well because they buy without knowing that how they were made or what we throw away and therefore we have to face current environmental problems.
Recycling is a fantastic way for used materials that are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources thus helps conserve important raw materials and protects natural habitats for the future.

BUT there is another way which helps in stopping the flow of waste and its sources called PRECYCLE.
Pre-cycling is method of avoiding the consumption of unnecessary items that will eventually have to be recycled or dealt with as waste.

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Think before you buy – consider whether some items are really necessary for you to buy. Think ‘what do I need instead of “what do I want’.
Reusable bags – if you bring your own bags to the store with you, you not only prevent having to recycle additional bags, you recycle an existing bag.
Concentrated products – concentrated products cuts the need for packaging and take less space in your closets.
Prefer reusable products – choose reusable items over disposable items like ceramic cups, mugs, cloth napkins, rechargeable batteries and refillable items will save you money and stop these products going to landfill.
Paper reduction habit – newspaper and magazines are now online. Avoid trashing the paper.
Buy in bulk – bulk purchase is cheaper and you’ll save money on petrol due to fewer trips to the store and avoid extra packaging.
Avoid disposable items – if you buy less disposable items like plates, tissue paper, diapers, cups you prevent more things from ending up in a landfill.
Say no to plastic bottles – reduces the usage of single-use plastic bottles especially drinking water because we all know how fast they can fill up a recycling bin.
Buy items in recycled packaging – whenever possible choose products with packaging made from recycled materials like cardboard, aluminium, steel, glass, and plastic containers that can recycled easily.

The concept of Pre-cycling is Refuse what you don’t need, Reduce what you do need, Reuse what you can’t reduce, Recycle what you can’t reuse.
Lucky Group, the Urban Miners and a pioneering force in Middle East’s scrap metal industry made their appearance globally and have modified the concept of reusing and recycling the scrap metals more professionally as one step forward for a more sustainable society by handling all grades of scrap metals generating from the waste stream.

Disclaimer: This article(s) has been prepared solely for information purpose, using publicly-accessible sources that are believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of publishing. LUCKY GROUP accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage resulting from the use of information, images or opinions expressed in the report. LUCKY GROUP does not give warranty of any kind regarding the completeness, accuracy and reliability of the information included in the article(s).

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